A Typical Ceilidh

Cath or Tony take the bookings and confirm the gig in writing.

We’ll do anything within reason to give you the party you want. Here’s how a typical ceilidh would go.

We set up our equipment an hour before the ceilidh, usually having checked out the venue beforehand. We play our own arranged mixture of rhythmic tunes as the guests arrive to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Tony, our caller then invites dancers on to the floor and explains the structure of the dance. None of the dances are complicated and are deliberately chosen to be user-friendly with the minimum of instructions. Our aim is for everyone to enjoy the music and dance the night away. Tony calls the dances usually from the floor via a radio mic and as the dance progresses picks up and joins in playing his fiddle.

While the dancers get their breath back, we will play some of our wide repertoire, including an occasional song. Usually there will be a break for refreshments/supper during which we will put on some suitable music through the ipod. If you have any preferences or favourite recording let us know beforehand.

Often people want to address the guests at some point in the evening, to say thankyou or perform a song etc. Feel free to use our mics for this, just let us know.

The second half takes off with a rhythmic tune and continues with more great dances and the evening ends with a flourish with everyone getting up for the final dance.

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