URGENT  NEWS.

Following the Government’s announcement we have reluctantly had to cancel bookings for the next few months. We will review the situation in June when we hope we may be back on the road again meeting old and new friends in the ceilidh world.
Best wishes,
Cath,Dave,Alan and Tony.


We hope you are all staying safe during these difficult times,we are missing our gigs like mad and all the wonderful people we’ve met over the years many of whom we now regard as friends. Cath sent this peom to the band and I think it’s worth putting on here as it sums up our feelings too.

                        Dear Phoenix

How much you meant to me I now realise
Even missing the jibes from those three special guys.
You gave me nice dresses now mothballed in store
You left me so suddenly, yes slamming the door.

You were happy before this covid arrived
Yes gigs far and wide , I’d cheerily oblige.
The phone calls and emails I thought such a chore
Have dried up consequentially now we’re gigging no more.

Where’s all the whooping the clapping the twirling
Your square sets, wild baskets, Circassian circling
The box flute and whistle the banjo two fiddles
Bouzouki driven strumming wth pulsating pedals.

Keeping the distance is hard to imagine
With ceilidhs the focus is always the dancin.
Unfurloughed in Oakworth I practise alone
You once rose from ashes don’t leave me to mourn.

Still the sun’s warming nicely with walks quite divine
Will I see you next year I yearn for a sign.
I’ll wait all the days till this nightmare just ceases
And you return to the fold and we pick up the pieces.

(Contrived during a migraine yesterday)

We now have a Facebook page, run by Alan ( some observant people may have noticed the camera !)  You’ll find some great pictures on there of our Ceilidhs. So go on there ,like us, and leave some comments.   PhoenixCeilidhBand@polkasandjigs4u

We sometimes get asked if people can come and see us before booking us for their event ( a great idea ) therefore we put two asterisks before the booking details on our gig list to indicate which are open events.

Get your party, anniversary, wedding or any event swinging with Phoenix Ceilidh Band.

We are an experienced 4 piece band playing lively foot-tapping Irish/Scottish traditional dance music and will tailor our repertoire to suit the occasion.